Preparing for baby is one of the most exciting and daunting things you will ever do in life.  Let The Nursery Bird help you put together your dream baby nursery.  A Melbourne baby planner service, we live and breathe baby products and will help even the most time poor family create a beautiful nursery.

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What We Do

Which pram? Which cot? Which car seat?  And the rest….  There are lots of new things to think about when you find out you are pregnant.   

The Nursery Bird is a maternity service that helps busy professionals reduce the stress of having a baby. We know what you need and most importantly what you don't need. 

Our role is to simplify what is a fairly intense period in your life, so that you have a relaxed pregnancy.

Check out our Nursery Services.

The Express Nursery

Hands up if the first time you walked into Baby Bunting you walked around for 30 minutes and walked out - overwhelmed and confused about how much you need for the nursery.

We can help.

In 3 steps you can have a shopping list tailored to your requirements, so that you can walk confidently into the stores and know exactly what you are looking for.

Check out our Express Nursery service starting as low as $50.


Baby Talk Blog 

Baby Talk is where we share.  We love exploring the big wide world of baby, so we will let you know when we find things we think are great. 

It’s also a place for our friends to keep us up to date on their experiences with babies and their favourite finds. 

If you see something great email us and we can get it on the site for other parents to see.