Preparing for your first child
the nursery bird preparing for your first child

The Nursery Bird will save you time and stress by educating, supporting and empowering you to buy quality nursery products with confidence.

We simplify the process of preparing for baby by enabling you to make the right choices every time.

If lack of time, knowledge or confidence is slowing you down preparing for baby, you need the services of The Nursery Bird, a Melbourne nursery consultant dedicated to making your transition to parenthood enjoyable and stress-free. Expert advice, backed by first-hand experience, delivered in the comfort of your own home or office. 

View our nursery consultant services here or call The Nursery Bird today on 0478 59 59 46.

if you have money to live life as you wish you probably dont have the time

What can a nursery consultant do for you:

  1. Save countless hours of research online and in-store;
  2. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by product choice;
  3. Advise on what you need and what may be a waste of money;
  4. Eliminate the guesswork and simplify the process of choosing products;
  5. Share our expert advice and knowledge so you get it right first time;
  6. Provide support and guidance to new and expectant parents who may lack confidence;
  7. Advise on the best, latest and just launched baby products;
  8. Advise on up to date safety requirements for baby products and nursery set up.
  9. Advise on eco-friendly, organic or ethically sourced products.


Don't waste time second guessing yourself. Contact Milena on 0478 59 59 46 or today to discuss how The Nursery Bird can help your growing family.


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