List of extended services

We offer a range of extended services as outlined below.

Advice on specialist maternity service providers in different fields to cover all of your needs. We can find, interview and short-list third party services, including but not limited to childcare options, doula’s, mothercraft nurses, midwives, cleaning services, sleep consultants and car seat installers.

We have two coming home with baby packages that will help you ease into your new life as parents. They can be done while you are pregnant so that once you arrive home with your new bundle  of joy you can focus on what's really important - your family. Our Newborn 101 Program covers the basics of baby care and cover some key topics such as sleeping and settling. The First Weeks service develops a 4 week post partum plan for you.


newborn 101

  1. Our Newborn 101 program helps give you a window into each element of newborn care. 
  2. Take you through the key developmental phases for the first 6 months
  3. Show you the basics of caring for baby, including bathing, grooming, nappies
  4. Provide insight into key topics such as sleeping, settling, feeding, SIDS, getting out & about

first weeks

  1. Prepare a post partum plan for you
  2. Shortlist service providers who can provide additional support
  3. Help set a routine

baby play spaces

We can structure the play spaces to any size home, including having options that can pack away, out of sight, if space is limited or for living areas for babies up to 6 months of age.

organic baby product advice

The objective is to buy smarter, and frankly let us do the research and leg work to find the approach that will work for you.

  1. Give you an understanding about the key baby products and things to look out for
  2. Provide a step by step approach to modifying your purchases for baby
  3. Search for organic products or simply better options for you

specialist maternity service providers

We can find, interview and short-list third party services, including but not limited to:

  1. childcare options 
  2. doula’s, mothercraft nurses, midwives
  3. post-natal support e.g. cleaners, nannies
  4. lactation consultants
  5. interior decorators
  6. safety specialists
  7. sleep consultants
  8. financial services
  9. event planners
  10. therapy providers
  11. car seat installers
  12. classes for mum and baby
  13. concierge services
  14. cord blood storage facilities
  15. trades people