“We’re having a baby!!!”

That’s how it all starts. The most amazing journey of your life. Well, it was for me...

the nursery bird

Every woman has a picture in her head of what pregnancy and motherhood looks like.  The reality for some people is very different when the demands of work, time pressures and physical issues during and after pregnancy begin to take a toll.    When I was pregnant I read everything I could about having a baby.  Well intentioned advice was aplenty, but my head was spinning.  

Reading and researching however was nothing compared to the actual organising.  Babies might be small but they sure do need a lot of things.

For me it all started when I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby.  My organiser lieutenant came out!  They call it ‘nesting.’  In fact, when you are pregnant ‘they’ say and write a lot.  All of the doing however is left up to you.   But I loved it!  Even though it was exhausting.  I was working on major projects while I was pregnant, working long hours in a stressful environment and then coming home and researching baby products until midnight every night.  I spent countless months researching, talking and learning about all things baby.  And that’s when, along with my beautiful baby, The Nursery Bird was born.  I wanted to create something that could help first time,  time-poor parents-to-be, create the perfect nursery for their baby without the stress.  The Nursery Bird is a nursery consultant service that will simplify what is a fairly intense period in your life. 

Enjoy your pregnancy. It will only be your first time once!  I hope we can help.