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What is off-gassing and why is it important to prevent this in the nursery?

Synthetic materials can release chemicals into the air through evaporation. For instance, when you remove a standard infant mattress from plastic, you might smell a harsh odor. That's off-gas and it can be toxic to infants. Nook uses only non-toxic materials to ensure that nursery air is cleaner and safer for infants.

What certifications do Nook materials have?

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO)
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1
  • Bluesign Eco Institute
  • Forest Stewardship Council 

About the materials Nook uses

Certified Organic Cotton

Gentle to the touch
Nook uses only Certified Organic Cotton in all of our textiles. None of our cotton ever touches chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so none of our employees or customers do either. Nook cotton stays soft and gentle from the field to the crib.

Cozy at every temperature
Nook's organic cotton weave creates a breathable and comfortable sleep surface that keeps infants cool in warm environments, and warm in cool environments by naturally regulating temperature and preventing overheating.

Natural cotton vs. synthetics
Unlike synthetics, organic cotton is a naturally durable yet gentle fiber that can be washed successively at high temperatures without compromising its benefits. Just toss in the washing machine for a sanitary, healthy and comfortable sleep surface.

People and Planet Friendly
At Nook, safety and health are the two most critical considerations. Using chemical-free, organic cotton promotes a safer environment for everyone who comes into contact with Nook products. Farmers are healthier. Infants are healthier. Everyone is happier.


Deep sleep? No sweat.
As infants sleep, their bodies release moisture that can irritate and wake them up. Eucalyptus fibers are one of nature’s best moisture absorbers, drawing moisture away from the infant to allow for a continuous and comfortable night's sleep.

The gentlest surface for the most delicate skin
Naturally breathable eucalyptus provides a silky softness and sheen comparable to high thread count linens, making it an ideal surface fiber for sensitive infant skin.

Eucalyptus vs synthetic fabrics
Synthetics like rayon and nylon try to mimic the silky feel of all-natural eucalyptus but none can match the breathability and moisture-wicking properties found only in nature's solution.

People and planet friendly
Eucalyptus is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as one of the fastest growing renewable resources. Plus, the environmental impact of harvesting eucalyptus is the lowest of any other natural fiber so parents and infants enjoy a more eco-friendly night's sleep.

100% Natural Latex in the Pebble Pure

Breathability at the core
Latex is an open-celled material allowing air to flow through the inner core of the Pebble Organic Mattress, making a more oxygen rich environment and increasing breathability, a priority for all Nook products.

Natural support
Unlike standard innerspring mattresses that require a layer of plastic around the springs, the Nook Pebble Organic uses only natural latex at its core. This provides growing infants a greater level of comfort and support in an environmentally friendly way.

People and planet friendly
Rubber trees are among nature’s most efficient CO2 absorbers. A renewable resource, natural latex can be harvested from these rubber trees without doing harm to the trees. By keeping resources in tact, Nook supports a more oxygen-rich and eco-balanced environment.


All-natural zinc infused into eucalyptus fibers restricts microbes, mites, fungi and mold from adhering to the sleep surface and keeps the mattress surface fresh and clean.

Potency that doesn't fade
Zinc is one of the most powerful natural, non-toxic microbe resistors available today. Nook's patented zinc fabric technology clings fast to fibers, allowing for successive washes without loss of potency. Yet, it's gentle enough to touch delicate infant skin without irritation. Tough and sensitive, zinc is the gentle giant of microbe-resistance.

Natural zinc vs. harsh household cleaners
Most mattresses are not microbe resistant and are often cleaned with harsh household cleaners to fight germs on the mattress surface. All-natural zinc is a safe alternative that fights microbes naturally and effectively, improves the quality of the air passing through the mattress, and offers a gentler surface for the sensitive skin of infants.

People and planet friendly
Because zinc occurs in nature, it is environmentally easy to produce. Plus, it is a water-based formula, completely free of toxic solvents or other harsh chemicals making it gentle enough to qualify for the bluesign® certification for safety.

Certified Organic Wool

The wooly fire fighter
Sheep know best, wool is an amazingly effective fire retardant with ignition temperatures three times that of cotton or synthetics. In other words, household items that convey mild to moderate heat, like light bulbs or curling irons, can come into contact with wool fibers without igniting them.

Built-in coolant
Never pity a sheep in summer. Their wooly coat may look hot but wool actually keeps their bodies cool by pulling heat away from their skin. The same principle applies to our mattress. Certified organic wool prevents infant overheating by pulling excess heat away from infant skin and into the inner layers of the mattress.

Organic wool vs chemical retardants
Many mattresses employ chemicals to create a fire retardant surface but the result can produce off-gasses that pollute nursery air. Organic wool is nature's fire retardant, and an efficient one at that. It is the ideal natural alternative because it removes chemicals, synthetic hormones and pesticides from the production process and the nursery.

People and planet friendly
Nook supports the US economy by buying certified organic wool from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon. Buying local organic guarantees good grazing practices and sustains the land for future generations.


"Good" PETE
PETE is short for polyethylene teraphthalate, a fancy name for a clean and easily recycled plastic. "Good" PETE is so safe, the FDA approves it for bottling water and considers it a healthy alternative to toxic synthetics.

"Strong" PETE
PETE is a uniquely sturdy material used inside the LilyPad Playmat to promote airflow by creating open spaces. Thanks to the strength of PETE, these inner airways maintain their integrity even under the weight of an infant or toddler.

PETE vs. standard plastic
Unlike plastics-like vinyl or BPA found in many standard mattresses, "good" PETE is both non-toxic and non-leaching, so much so, that it qualifies for the Oeko-Tex® safety certification. Infants breathe cleaner, healthier air for a safer night's sleep.

People and planet friendly
The "good" PETE in Nook products is easily recycled which means a reduction in unnecessary plastics in our world.