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Which Wipe Is Right For You?


When I had my second baby I decided to review my choice of wipes.  I mainly used Bambure and then Ecoriginals with my first baby and I wanted to review that decision. 

Without going into tremendous detail, my base requirement is that they contain no nasties. With that in mind, these are the wipes I bought to try out.  I though having them all at once would give me a better perspective on each one.

Overall, I found that there is not much difference between them.  They all held up well, were strong enough for big jobs, soft, good size.  As you can see from the comparison there is not much difference in size, Wot Not is slightly larger.    

Below are the key characteristics and the cost per sheet (current).

What is excluded from the below, is the recent Thank You Wipes launch and the TOMS Tushies.  I am really impressed with their wipes, they are a good thickness and wetness. I really like that the Thank You Wipes do a lot more than just wipe a bum! It feels good to help others.  For me, now, I alternate between Thank You and Ecoriginals.

Remember to check out bulk buy deals for these.  You use a lot of wipes, there is no point paying more than you have to for them!


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from bamboo
  • Not as moist as some of the other brands
  • $6.95 for 80Wipes ($0.09 per wipe)


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Thick wipes, really durable
  • Just the right amount moisture in each wipe
  • $6.75 for 70Wipes ($0.10 per wipe)


Water Wipes

  • People with baby’s with sensitive skin rave about them
  • 99.9% water
  • For me they are too wet.
  • $7.50 for 80Wipes ($0.13 per wipe)


Wot Not

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Larger size than other wipes  (Thank You Wipes are also this size)
  • Just the right amount moisture in each wipe
  • $7.95 for 80Wipes ($0.10 per wipe)

Product finds

We were at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show over the weekend.  There was a lot to see as always - the same big brands that we always see and also some great new brands that I have not come across before. 

Viddia – organic clothes and blankets  

So soft, so beautiful.  Of course I bought a whole bunch of stuff for my little girl and the baby in the belly.  I also fell in love with their blanket which I thought would be great for warmer, Spring weather.  All of their stuff is using GOTS certified cotton.  Their stuff is all classic and very cute.  And they cater for newborn to 6 years.

Viddia organic baby clothes and baby blankets
Viddia organic baby clothes and baby blankets

de’bee – natural balms

I wanted to try all of their range but ended up getting their Storytime balm, Breathe Easy rub and Pucker Up lip balm.  The products are organic, made from pure Australian beeswax plus other complimentary botanicals.  I used the lip balm as soon as I got it as it immediately fixed by ridiculously dry lips.  My little girl has had a cough for the last week, which of course bothers her most during the night.  I put the Breathe Easy rub on and her coughing was less (while I was awake, anyway). It has menthol, tea tree, cedarwood and eucalyptus, so it has quite the aroma. I loved it and my little girl ok with it but it was a bit much for my partner.   Yet to try the Storytime balm. I use the Badgers Sleep Balm so I am intrigued.

de’bee natural balms

Bambooloui – baby clothing

This stuff is so soft and cute. Little onesies and tshirts with cute prints. I liked the simplicity of the range and the fabric texture. I think it's quite ight so great for indoors over winter and the warmer temperatures.

Bambooloui baby clothing
Bambooloui baby clothing

Halcyon Nights – collection of linens and baby clothes

Halcyon Nights Baby Linen and Baby Clothes

Halcyon Nights use beautiful prints by a designer called Min Min on a collection of linen, from bassinet to single beds. They also have the cutest onsies and t-shirts. Very soft and lovely.  Look out for the range online and at markets around Melbourne.



Buying a pram?

There is a lot of choice in the pram department.  Here are the top 10 things to look for when buying a pram.

  1. Big basket – Benefit: you can be out for extended periods of time going shopping or just in the park without having to carry anything. 
  2. 1 piece pram solution is possible from birth up – Benefit: You don’t need extra money or car boot space for a pram and bassinet.
  3. Easy close – Benefit simple, one handed closing is best; and a saviour when you have baby in one hand.
  4. Good suspension – Benefit: comfortable, stable ride for baby.
  5. Lightweight – Benefit:  easy to get in and out of the car, up stairs etc…
  6. Adjustable/extendible handle (for height) – Benefit: no one is hunched over while out for a walk – comfort.
  7. 3 point turning – Benefit:  easy to get in and out of tight spaces
  8. Accessories pack – Benefit: easy to fit to the pram rain/sun canopies, coffee holder are just useful.
  9. Ability to add second child at a later date (optional) – this one is really up to you!
  10. Reversible handles/bassinet/seat (optional) – Benefit: you can look at baby directly while you are out walking.

PS. Don’t forget to make sure it complies with all safety standards and fits in your car.

  Images courtesy of Baby Jogger and Bumbleride

Images courtesy of Baby Jogger and Bumbleride

Baby Essentials Checklist - Out & About

It sometimes feels like you need a suitcase to go out with baby -  especially on your first outings with baby.  My advice is have everything that is non perishable in your diaper bag stocked.  Don't wait until the moment you leave to stock up. Keep it simple and have a a few test runs close to home.  Soon you'll see only a few good accessories and you'll be ready to go.  

  1. Baby Jogger City Mini Pram is great - single hand fold and very versatile;

  2. Lassig Urban Nappy Bag has everything you need on the go;

  3. Skiphop Pronto! Changing Station is a small, throw in your bag or boot changing kit if you don't want the whole nappy bag solution.  It has space for everything you need - a change mat, space for wipes and nappies;

  4. Nook Organic Cotton Blanket;

  5. Manduca Baby Carrier;

  6. Maxi Cosi Euro Car Seat

Baby Essentials Checklist