I am so converted.  So converted.  We both are. (I mean my partner and I.)

So, I have bought Bonds before.  They're ok.  I mean nothing to write home about (or blog about.) They seemed to last a while.  They're ok. I have bought onsies with a zip.  "Never again!!!!! " I swore. The zip only went one way and they were not cheap - rookie mistake.  Rookie. 

So, I was in two minds holding this Bonds Wondersuit in my hand.  Zip.  But the material felt nice on my hand, it would be better than the one my daughter currently wore to bed (also not cheap but the fit was bad!)  Then I noticed the zip went both ways, so already an improvement on my previous rookie zip experience.

So I bought it.  Washed it. Still feels the same as when I bought it. Put it on. Looked snug and perfect. But how would it hold up to the nappy change?  

AMAZING.  It is perfect. 10 out 10 Bonds. Now if it came in organic cotton it would be an 11/10!

PS. As I was searching for an image to add to this post I also discovered Bonds are doing a 2 for $30 offer which is good value for what it is. Shop here.