baby nursery

 You will need to create space for your child in more than just the baby nursery.  Baby has a multitude of needs, that will only expand as time goes on. With every space you need to consider safety and ease of access to make sure that your life (as well as baby’s) are as calm as possible.


The key spaces that you need to prepare for baby:

  • Sleeping: this may be in multiple rooms at first  - co-sharing with mum and dad plus an additional baby nursery space
  • Changing:  generally this is in the nursery space, if there is one, although great space saving solutions exist  where a separate changing table is not an option
  • Bathing:  how baby bathes will depend on the space available – many options exist whatever your space
  • Kitchen:  kitchen space is required when bottle feeding and later when solids are introduced
  • Playing /toys:  Play spaces and toy areas are important and will increase in size as baby gets older
  • Pram:  Think about where the pram will stand idle and move things around now – it will save you moving bits of furniture around once the pram actually arrives
  • Car:  The car seat and pram are space guzzlers – make sure that you know what  room you have in the car (exact dimensions) before you make these big purchases. 

Other things to consider:

  • Extra toys/gifts will keep coming and you will need space to store things that you are not using
  • Rotation of large items e.g. bassinet, will be required as you do not want things in the house that you are not using and that take up a lot of real estate.  You will need a place to store these or make a decision to sell them once you have finished with them. 
  • Stockpiling for leave of non perishable products e.g. cleaning products, is something that you can do to help ease the burden once you are on leave.  You will need space to store these things.

No doubt you will need to make space.  There are great resources online, in books as well as professionals who can come to your home and help with organising your life.  Key things to keep in mind as you start this journey:

  • Decide on the space you will allocate
  • Work out what needs to be cleared out throughout the house
  • Don’t sit on things you don’t need or use. If you haven't used in 6 months or more, and don’t have any plans to use in the future – lose it
  • Consider what storage solutions will work best for you – measure and research before you buy.
  • Label, label, label – if you don’t know what’s in the box you wont use it
  • Group by category – easier to find
  • Clear it all out  - donate, sell, gift
  • If you want easy ways to sell your stuff and you feel uncomfortable with eBay try gum tree, a garage sale or a trash & treasure market