I was recently sent an article from The Huffington Post and was surprised to see they have a Parents Section.  Great articles.  Very interesting, smart pieces.  

Today they have an interesting article on breastfeeding which is worth a read. 

What I would add to this - 

  • In your Bounty bag, you will find a sample of Lansinoh cream which will help your any nipple tenderness immediately.  It's amazing.  Don't wait for the soreness to go away. It won't.  Don't suffer.  Use it immediately. Your midwives and nurses will suggest it, I'm sure.  And if you have persistent soreness, it is likely baby is not latching on properly so keep asking the nurses and midwives until it's right. 
  • The article mentions pumping more often in short bursts if you are having issues with supply.  The best advice that I was given was nursing in two hour intervals during the day for a week or so to help boost supply.  Keep to 5-10min feeding bursts.
  • The other great advice that I read and have followed to this day with my baby is Tizzie Halls feeding and sleeping routines.  I found her approach to feeding and pumping increased my supply. 
  • Finally, whilst this did not work for me personally, others swear by lactation cookies.  Easy to make with recipes on line, they have helped other women increase their supply. 
  • If you are finding low supply to be an issue speak to you GP - there are medicinal options also that may help you quickly and that you can do for the 3-6 month minimum recommended breastfeeding time.