I have spent a lot of money on various toys.  And I have been given lots of toys.  Teddies have largely been a waste of money for her age, but I am still deciding whether I bought them for me or her!!  For the most part the toys that I have bought with purpose and for specific developmental reasons have actually been worth every penny.  There is one though, that I have to say has been amazing.  I bought it from ELC Australia which has unfortunately been closed down in Australia.  (ELC toys can though still be bought through Amazon although I have not seen this particular toy there.)

I gave this to my little girl when she was 3 months old –she is 9 months now and every day for hours she still plays with it.  Nothing holds her attention for as long as this toy – she plays for me with joy every day.  She hits to piano keys, loves to roll the rattle beads and pulls the lever which makes the cymbals play.  Every day.

I have to say, the brilliance of this toy is the fact that whilst it only has a few functions, every time she touches it, some different sound comes out.  She can spin and hit it, and make great noises which keep her entertained. 

I have found toys that have music but that keep repeating the same thing over and over, lose their shine pretty quickly (for baby and parents).  But I guess that’s not a huge surprise – we all like a bit of diversity (especially from the safety of what we know).