A few links for you covering the basics:

SIDS and kids safe sleeping brochure. And there is more on their website if you want to read up some more. 

Safety – if you want to get a good understanding of product safety guidelines across the whole range of baby gear the place to go is Product Safety Australia

Below are some great consumer websites - very informative and favourites of The Nursery Bird.

Complimentary to kidspot.com.au, which I am certain you are already using as it is a great resource for all things baby, is a US site to check out thebump.com.  It also houses thenest.com which is a great household resource. I always try to find different sites or blogs which can provide more than one point of view on any given subject. I believe that the better informed you are about multiple points of view, the better the questions you will ask of your primary carers / helpers and the better prepared you will be if one approach doesn't work.  And it is important to understand that babies are all different.  Don’t be afraid or feel uncomfortable about asking lots of questions.

One of my favourite sites to frequent since I started feeding my baby solids is Wholesome Baby Food. It’s a great resources – covering what to introduce and when, recipes and so on.  The only thing to watch out for – official guidelines on when to introduce allergenic foods to baby have changed – around 7 months is the new recommended age.  Beware - as with anything related to the health of your baby – check with your paediatrician or GP before starting any new foods.