Sophie the Giraffe

When I think of timeless, I think of Grace, Audrey, Diana and Sophie.  Yes, Sophie the Giraffe is a classic.  I was a sceptic until my baby started the teething process.  (Well, to be honest we have been going through the ‘teething process’ for almost 4 months now and there is not even one tooth yet.)   

Back to Sophie…  Sophie is not as young as she looks.  Born in France in 1961, she optimises what is so lacking in ‘modern’ production these days.  The reason why Sophie has been a staple in the homes of new parents for so many years is that not only is the product fulfilling a functional need, still made manually in her French homeland, it is also one of the safest for baby products. Sophie is 100% natural, made from natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree.

Sophie comes in two main forms – the smaller teething ring and the original giraffe shape.

I bought the teething ring option, based on the premise that my baby was still small and I liked the textured ring part which I thought would be better.  And my baby has been playing and using Sophie since I bought it for her.  But, from what I have observed of other babies, I think the original Sophie would probably be a better choice.  It is easier to chew; to get in and out.  My baby sometimes struggles to get the ring into her mouth, especially when she is tired.

But, regardless of which way you go, it’s worth it.  I wouldn't waste your money on the plastic teething fish and rings and whatever’s.  If you have Sophie it’s all that you need. And if your baby is struggling and really needs something very cold to ease the gum irritation, put a damp face washer into the fridge for 20/30mins and give that to your baby to chew on.