When I was pregnant I decided to stop using all of my beautiful creams and masks etc.... with the aim of removing unnecessary toxins from my system.  When I say unnecessary - most are unnecessary, I guess what I mean is I got rid of the easiest ones first..

Sukin Rosehip Oil

So, I moved away from creams, toners , this serum/that serum and went to using hot water and face washer and that was all.  I found that I needed a little bit more moisture and in the chemist happened upon Sukin rosehip oil. Tried it. And now have been using it for almost two years.  My clump of pimples and blackheads on my chin have gone - that, I may add, my serums and creams could never get rid of;  I do still get a flare up ever month - my dreaded big pimple; but I only get one not a cluster. The blackheads on my nose and forehead are considerably fewer.   

So, I thought that this might just be a 'me thing' until I came across these pieces written by Sarah Wilson on her move to oils and toxin free make up. I admit I have not done as much research as Sarah has on the subject.  I have "happened upon" a solution which has worked for me.  (I was also recommended Eles mineral make-up which I now use exclusively, but I couldn't tell you how their toxic levels compared to others.)

So, I am sharing with you Sarah's work - I hope you enjoy.  And I would urge you to give something a try, especially if the results that you are getting from your toxic routine are less than perfect. 

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