This is something very close to my heart as I had a very low milk supply.  By day 3 my baby was screaming with hunger.  It was confronting not only because of the physical expression and the tiredness post birth, but also because it made me question my ability as a mother.  How could I be a good mother if I cant provide the most basic of functions for my baby.  

Needless to say I could not watch my baby screaming from hunger and we gave her formula top up, which later of course became the main feed;  and at about 3 months my daughter refused the breast all together.  I tried SNS but it was too late.  I had tried expressing, all of the herbs, teas, drinks, food and medication I heard about.  I had tried everything. I expressed and fed her from a bottle until 6 months post which she was exclusively on formula.   

Anyway, this is a great article.  Well worth a read. 

P.S And the moral of this story.  Do what's right for you and your family.  Not what anyone else tells you is the right thing.  Trust in yourself.