I always say that it is healthy to listen to everyone and then make your own decision. And this is especially true when buying for the nest.  Just keep one thing in the back of your mind - it's your nest. Not your mums, friends, sisters or sales person's.   

First time parents generally have very little experience with baby products.  Friends, family and sales people will all tell you their truth.  And before you judge them - they are all right. But their advice may be wrong for you.  Know what you need and most importantly what you want.  Speak to everyone you can and then make your choices. 

Some of the key things that you need to decide on for the nursery and the baby accessories are:

Deciding on the room style

  • The look of the room – the theme or style
  • What works need to be done – when and who?
  • Do you want existing furniture to be used or all new?
  • Does baby have to co-share any space – what room is available and how does it all come together?

Major purchase product choices:

  • What needs to go into each space for the baby – the bathroom, kitchen, nursery, living room, out & about equipment?
  • How much room is available and what products can suit?
  • Other requirements and the product options available with respect particularly to the pram, car seat and furniture
  • Where are the play spaces going to be located & what will they be?
baby nursery

There are essentials for every day care of the baby – the tool kit

  • What are the key products required and product options for the first 3-6 months?
  • Organic, natural or mainstream?
  • Nappies  - cloth or disposable?
  • Home cleaning products – change to more natural, less harsh chemical options?

Shopping the deals

  • Where are the best deals for the chosen products – are there package options available?
  • Setting up layby’s, registry, delivery and installations
  • Considering pre-loved options or renting


  • Get stressed because everyone has a different opinion
  • Rush
  • Buy because your friend did
  • Take anyone's word for it - try it, research it and think about it for yourself
  • Be swept up in the retail moment - you can always call them back and add it to your list of purchases
  • Walk in to buy without knowing what you want