I have just returned from a trip to LA, where I spent some time with the Nook team as well as visiting some fantastic retailers.  The thing that struck me most was the proliferation of safe and healthier baby products throughout all of the stores and also how much product innovation is filtering through their stores making life easier for mums.

Firstly I think retailers are doing a good job of educating customers about healthier choices for babies. The offering in stores that I visited had a great selection of products that echoed the new consciousness of mothers about what we expose our babies to.  Not everything is 100% organic or eco friendly, but certainly key products that make the greatest difference have great shelf space. Organic skin care, clothing basics, toys, room accessories and home cleaning products have considerable shelf space in store and are out-spacing "mainstream" products. 

Product innovation and variety of products is a dilemma. In a market like the US, with so many consumers, of course options are going to be plentiful. It has been something we have been acutely aware of in Australia for a long time. But it strikes me that whilst we cannot expect to have everything, we should see more coming through than we do.  Nursing chairs really blew me away.  I mean we are really quite  behind with the options available to mums.  The trend with nursery is more adult designs and this is so true even with the design of nursing chairs.

It was also lovely to see new US brands through and offering unique alternatives to their more established counterparts.

There are plenty of pics on the facebook page - check it out.