I spend a lot of time looking for great places to shop for baby - comes with the territory.

There are a few places I return to over and over.  Some of them I've shared in the past, and some are new discoveries.

Here are my faves:

  1. Little Green Footprints - I am there almost every fortnight.  Great products, great service.  
  2. The Little Kidz Closet - Great selection of furniture and decor.  Some really unique pieces.
  3. Maiike - I raved about their handmade products around Christmas time.  One of kid pieces inlcuding quilts, dolls and clothes.  Love it.
  4. Baby Gallery - They have a great selection of furniture.  It is a super store in Melbourne so they have everything.  
  5. Bluegum Baby - Bluegum Baby is a new online store and they have a fantstic selection of good for baby products.  Manduca is at a great price there!
  6. My First Room - Great selection of furniture and decorating items that will suit any style.  
  7. Urban Baby - They are an online superstore.
  8. Tiny Polkadots - I have raved about their toy selection more than once, because they have a fabolous collection of non-toxic toys for kids of all ages, including wooden toys.
  9. The Baby Closet - Fabulous linen's.  Love the Little Giraffe range!
  10. Itti Bitti - their nappies come highly recommended by any mama who tries them, plus the store has a large range of other products for kids of all ages