Choosing a pram is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will need to make. There are a lot out there;  most of them have the same features; and everyone tells you that their pram is either the best or the worst. 

Choosing a pram

Sales people go through the motions of telling you the features, which is their job, but frankly they cannot make the decision for you.   Choosing a pram has to be based on your requirements.  Go in to the shop with your set of key requirements.  (Or give The Nursery Bird a call.)

The below is a check list for choosing a pram.  Things to consider.  It's one of the most common things we get asked to help with.   It's an expensive purchase and when you make a mistake it's a pain.

The first thing to consider, before you go through the exhaustive list of options is - and be honest - your lifestyle.  

  • How much walking, running, trekking or just walking down the high street do you do?  And expect to do? 
  • Do you travel a lot – do you expect to travel with bubs – on plane, in car?
  • Height difference between partners – do you need adjustable handles?
  • Car – what do you have? Car boot size?  Are you planning on changing the car?
  • Have you thought about whether you want a travel system, a pram that will see you from newborn to toddler?
  • Are you in a house that has easy access or will you need to be dragging the pram around in their hands a lot?
  • Do you have enough space – either at home or in the places you frequent for larger sized prams or do you need compact?  What size is their doorway/s?

There is no point buying a proper jogger if you are not a runner.  Be realistic.  You are only going to make life difficult for yourself if you buy the wrong pram.

Secondly, is the functionality of the pram. Make sure that you know all of the attachments that are possible and which ones are important to you. For me I just wanted somewhere to put my coffee.  And I actually used it. A lot. I wasn't fussed about the basket size because we used to go shopping once per week and I had no intention of going for smaller shops. Big mistake. I was at the supermarket almost every day and the smaller basket was a pain the in the... basket. Buying fresh daily turned out to be a lifestyle change I hadn't anticipated.  Live and learn.

My top considerations for the functionality of the pram:

  1. Bassinet vs bassinet and stroller (separate or one unit, including full recline for newborn)
  2. 1 piece or 2 piece fold
  3. Basket size (small, medium, large)
  4. Reversible handles/bassinet/seat
  5. Adjustable/extendable handle (for height)
  6. Accessories (rain covers, sun cover/umbrella, bag/organiser, travel bag/cover, coffee cup holder, bag clips, infant head support, car seat adaptor)

Some basics you should always be aware of:

  1. Standing / Folding size – based on the space available in your car
  2. Good suspension
  3. 3-point turn capability - especially if you have tight spaces to manoeuvre
  4. Sturdy / well balanced
  5. Harness – 5 point
  6. Ability to add second child at a later date
  7. Tires/plastic wheels, foam filled/air filled - this is based on a combination of preference and also lifestyle

Choosing a pram doesn't need to be daunting. Take your time with this decision.  Make sure you a clear in your needs.  

Or just give us a call.