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Cold and Flu season

It's almost here.  The dreader winter.  I love the summer.  The warmth.  It's hard to believe I made it through 10 years in Eastern Europe for work given how much I dislike the cold.

And one of the things, now as a mum, I dislike most about the winter is the inevitable cold and flue that come with it - especially when bubba is in childcare. 

So, I thought it might be good to give you some tips to survive the season. 

Good tissues

Little noses need the softest tissues possible.  You will be wiping the little nose a lot.  It's an investment in comfort.


TAAV Vaporiser

A great vaporiser, for bed time is priceless.  There are a lot around now.  And you can put oils into them to help clear the nose. The vaporiser keeps the air moist, especially important as the heating will be running constantly.  I have bought expensive ones, middle of the road and cheap and of all of them the one we found worked the best was TAAV.  You need to buy their brand oil which was strong and I found worked better than some of the other ones we tried.  I found that the amount of actual vapour coming out kept the closed baby's room very comfortable. And I also used it when I was sick and it was fantastic.  The one bad note - its very unattractive.  But, its dark at night so how cares???

Fess Little Noses

This is a great little kit to help keep the nose clear of all the goo that babies cant get rid of themselves.  The spray is saline solution so very gentle as is the nasal aspirator. 

Good blanket

You need a great blanket for home the bubba can snuggle up to and a great pram blanket to keep baby warm.  

My choice for this winter will be the Nook Organic Cotton Knit Blanket.  The firm weave and thickness will keep bubba very warm!



We have tried under arm and forehead thermometers but the one that we have appreciated the most - and used the most is the Braun in-ear system.  



Hand sanitiser and/or wipes

I have a hand sanitiser as well as wipes.  The hand sanitiser is in the kitchen and baby room for a quick fix and the wipes are in the kitchen for the sneeze at the table.  It doesn't happen too often so a pack of wipes lasts a long time, but its great for a quick clean up of the baby seat.