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Keep an eye out for… A great article on the Daily Life

The article is "Are our kids too fragile?” discussing how our children are becoming less resilient, in a more complex world.  And the reason is that “many kids are mollycoddled quite a bit, so they're protected by their parents from encountering stress. The child never actually really exposes themselves to the realities of life, basically."

So, the question for me is how much is too much or too little?  I probably err on the too much side.  A friend and I were discussing the volume of toys our kids have – and how when we were growing up, a toy giving occasion was usually a special occasion – a birthday, Christmas – it was the best part of the special occasion. 

I am not sure whether I am over compensating for a lack of toys when I was younger – some toys I have bought (the best ones I bought for specific developmental reasons) she plays with and has done for a long time.  The rest are not touched.

I do not consider myself a proponent of attachment parenting, although I probably don’t sit too far way, somewhere in the centre I think (hope).  But I definitely didn't run from it. Are we too focused on 'attaching' kids to us in whatever way possible - toys, their own routines, trying to shield them from difficulties rather than letting them find a way to deal with them? 

We are a lucky generation – we are able to provide more than (most of) the previous generation could.  We are having babies later in life.  And we are more likely to go back to work and leave baby with a child minder of some description. And, I hate to say it, as much as we don’t want to feel it, guilt clouds sometimes hover over head. Are we over compensating?  Was waiting for toys really so bad that now the weekend is a good excuse to get a new toy?

I don’t want my baby being too fragile and unable to cope with the stresses of growing up and the adult world. I know toys are not the only symptom to consider, but as a mother of a baby it’s the only yardstick I have right now!

I wonder if I'll know where to draw the line? Will the line be visible enough to me when I come to it?