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Tips and bits… Saving for the nest

If you are planning on taking maternity leave and need to prepare for a long period of time on one salary, start your savings plan early. 

Keep your plan updated – the money you have saved, need to save and any other new expenses.  Keep it updated so that you can keep track of your progress.  Check out our budgeting tips.

  • Be clear in the products that you want – make a list and stick to it and don’t rush to buy from the first store. Shop around.
  • Keep track of your preferred suppliers for sales and random discounting to make some savings.  Sign up for newsletters which will give you updates on sales.
  • Put all key items on layby as soon as possible so that you can start paying      them off while you are still working, and also makes it easier for the baby shower and family gifting.  If waiting for sales, put the money away into your savings ot mortgage offset account.
  • Do not buy a lot of clothes for baby – only buy enough for the first couple of months (which is pretty much what you will need to pack for the hospital).  There is no guarantee what size your baby will come (or flavour) and you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.  Ask for vouchers to your favourite stores as pressies so that you can splurge once baby arrives.
  • Research online – for everything. Toiletries, baby products and of course all big purchases.  Most stores have an online presence with ranges and prices all detailed.  Use the list of products which you require to methodically go through the key stores to get an understanding of prices and what you like. 
  • Set benchmark prices in all of your lists and you will then have them with you      as go through stores later.   You will find that there will be 2 or 3 stores that you will keep coming back to as having the most of what you want and at the price you are happy to pay.
  • You can save a bundle by buying through some online retailers.  And of course keep an eye out for sales!!!
  • Mid-year / End-year sales are gold.  They are regular and chances are you will be pregnant in one of the two that happen every year. Know what you are willing to spend – make sure things are itemised in your budget list and then when the sales hit get out there and save.
  • If retailers have online stores, and a registration process, they may also      have a wish list system.  If they do – use it. Keep a list of things that you want, and then if they go on sale you can snap them up.
  • Pin everything – create a board on Pinterest and you will be able to keep      track of all the baby things that you love – there will be a lot!
  • You will be at home a lot – using a lot of appliances.  Make sure that the appliances you have are efficient, as it could cost a lot to run old, inefficient appliances.  Remember that a lot of retailers now offer interest free terms for extended periods, so you can be slowly paying it off before you go on maternity leave.
  • Stockpile any baby and adult toiletries while you are working. 


    And if that all seems to hard - call The Nursery Bird.  It's what we do best! 

    Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

    Image courtesy of suphakit73 /