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A few months ago I joined a meditation group.  I go monthly and we have a person who leads the lesson and the meditation. It's awesome.  And I always feel so good when I leave it.  If feel lighter, I feel inspired.  I feel strong.  I missed my session a couple of weeks ago and I feel it.

I have been wondering how I can work meditation into my day.  Being a working mum I think it is important for myself and my family that I find a way to balance everything or at the very least just keep it together.  

Side Step - Who came up with this balance thing anyway?  I'm not certain that I buy into it. I like to concept but I think it's just that.  I don't know that there is a balance, I think you just make choices and set priorities.  What does balance mean when your baby has a fever of 39.5 and you have a multimillion dollar proposal due?

So, back to meditation.... I did warn you that I didn't go to my session the other week - and the Side Step is just a wee example of flow on effect!   

I have found a few articles that I thought were useful on this subject that I wanted to share and also give you my working mums guide to meditation.  AND PLEASE let me know if you have more to add (or disagree).

My out-takes from these articles, and things I have picked up along the way

  • Find a moment everyday - even 5 minutes that you set aside every day at any time of the day to meditate
  • Sign up to a course once a month or once a week - whatever you think you can make a long term commitment to 
  • Be prepared - either with a written meditation or just breathe 
  • If you, like most people, find peace with certain scents, have a small something with you that has the smell on it
  • If you start feeling negative - stop, identify it, take 2 minutes out to think of all of the positive words that you need to help you get through the day 
  • If you need to get creative with a problem or task taking time to get out for a walk or meditate to clear the mind - make sure to focus on the world around you not the problem

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