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Keep an eye out for...ways to lift your spirits

Great article by Dawn Gluskin about how to deal with bad days or bad moods or both!

There are a few points in particular that struck a cord with me - 

  1. Honour your feelings - don't try to shut it out - stop and think about how and why you feel like you do
  2. Vent - take 3 minutes to get it out.  
  3. Be grateful - think about what is great in your life and how lucky your are 
  4. And then there are a few points that for me ladder up to - get a change of scenery, even if it means putting on some lipstick or going for a walk.   

Solid advice, doesn't cost anything and is easy to do!

Read it in full here.

What babies know...


A great article to remind us of the amazing way Mother Nature makes us!  And it may seem that your newborn baby is in his own little world he really is paying attention, has some self awareness and developing in his own little way.

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A lesson in life from my 1 year old daughter

My 13 month old is starting to walk independently.  She has been scooting around for a while now, still hanging on to things and has let go and taken a few steps over the last month but on Friday she started to make a concerted effort to walk independently.  On Saturday & Sunday she was trying more and more.  As you do. As my partner and I were getting her to walk from one to the other it occurred to me that she was teaching me more than I was teaching her in that moment.

The process of learning to walk involves:

  • falling flat on your bum and getting back up
  • falling flat on your bum and seeing the funny side
  • propelling yourself into the arms of one or two people who love you
  • having absolute faith that even though those two people keep helping you up and nudging you forward without support - they are still there and not going anywhere; and are doing it to help you learn and develop
  • it's hard learning something new but a bit of patience, a good sense of humour (and a firm butt) is all you need to become a master

The other thing that I remembered, as I watched her today, was how she generally approaches learning about things.  I have noticed that when she is trying to get the hang of something, she will hold an item in her hands, give it a bit of a bang, turn it around and pass it between her hands;  and sometimes just sit and stare at it.  She may put it down and move to something else, but she will always go back to her current Mt Everest. She will try and try again until she finally works out how to make that something do what she wants.  

When she finally gets it, she'll laugh loudly and give herself a big clap.  

And it occurred to me that all of the stress that I have been carrying around, all of the impatience and the self doubt - it's not who I am or who I want to become.  It's the complete opposite.  I know I'm not alone in feeling doubt but I hope that you can take something away from this as well -

don't forget to clap...

don't forget to clap...

  • I hope that we always have people who will let us bounce off them
  • I hope that we can have faith even when we're flat on our bum's
  • And I hope we learn to take the time (to give ourselves time) to learn and master that which makes us happy. 
  • I hope that we always take time to laugh and see the funny side of a bad day. (Because laughing is certainly one of my most favourite things.)
  • And always - ALWAYS - give yourself a big clap. (and others too)