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setting up a vintage inspired nursery

Setting up a vintage inspired nursery

Do you love the retro look but not sure how to do it successfully in a nursery?

As with anything in the nursery, you don't want to overdo it.  

Filling the room with a few key pieces will give you a look that is unique, charming and hopefully  serene. (Remember serene is always the number 1 priority.)

Here is our top 10 tips for a vintage inspired nursery.


1. Can you really go past an Incy Interiors cot?

2.A few accessories go a long way - check out the mirror and the ottoman

3. Wall colour helps bring the look together

4. Wallpaper screams vintage

5. Using old furniture in a new way - this cabinet becomes a change table with great storage

6. A signature piece in a bold colour

7. An old classic piece that is the centrepiece of the room needs only simple accessories to create a spectacular room

8. Attention to detail - linens and bedding can really bring the look together

9. Simple and streamlined - every piece is so carefully selected to both tie in seamlessly abut also not overpower. You have to be very committed to getting this right - or it could go very wrong.

10. One watch out - if you are planning on using real "old" furniture, make sure that it meets today's stringent guidelines. They exist for a reason. 

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