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Top Choices For Maternity Wear

Top Choices For Maternity Wear

I had a few rules when I was pregnant. 

Firstly I didn't want to spend a lot on maternity clothes, secondly, find pieces that could work pregnant and not.  I invested in a few bottoms, a few tops for work, a few tops for leisure, bra’s, undies and a couple of hospital necessities.

What I learnt – very little goes from pregnant to not; with so few things to wear in your wardrobe they get worn out pretty quickly and your cost per wear (yep, I went there) works out pretty low anyway. I should caveat this by saying that I always loved wearing flowy things anyway, (pear shaped body), and so I did have something in my wardrobe that for most of my pregnancy I could wear.

Make sure the clothes you get are comfortable, that your bra does not have an under-wire and is the best you've ever bought; and be prepared for a permanent fishing expedition for shoes.  Your feet will swell as sure as the sun and the moon appear!

  1. Queen Bee – this is where I got most of my maternity wear.  Loves their collections, basic, hard wearing clothes.  
  2. Hatch – love their collection. Ships from the US.
  3. ASOS Maternity – great for basics – including dresses, tops and t shirts.  
  4. Gilt – quite regularly have maternity wear sales.  I like the fact that most of it is from shops we normally don’t know about and don’t get to shop at and you can find some unique pieces.  But you need to be on the mailing list. (PS the same goes for their kids collections.) 
  5. Egg – Hit and miss for me. But they have an outlet on their website with their sale items, so always worth a quick look.
  6. Ripe - Not one of my favourites but worth a look
  7. SOON Maternity – good range 
  8. Mama Bella – worth a look;  they stock some of the Tiffany Rose special occasion wear although a limited range  
  9. Tiffany Rose - specialise in special occasion wear including wedding dresses.
  10. Sussan introduced a very limited maternity range - mainly jeans, leggings and tops. Very limited.