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The c word – why do mums feel they have to apologise for it?



I was watching an old episode of Recipes to Riches on Channel 10 the other day.  They were showing a mum who came up with a new baby food recipe which I loved.  Anyway she had to interview a number of mums to see if they liked the food and would they feed it to their baby’s.  One of the mums piped up and said for her, convenience was important – and then apologised for it. And I wish that she was the first mum I have seen apologise for wanting convenience when it comes to looking after their baby.

I saw a stat that said the average mum works for at least 100 hours per week.  Work rightly includes looking after the kids, the house and family.  Oh and of course there are mums that do all of that and also go to a third party employer or start their own business that pushes over 100 hours of work.  This is the reality for most families.

I think we need to start making a very big distinction between finding convenient products and services – things that may help us in our everyday – and being negligent or dismissive of our children. I am tired of people sitting around with too much time on their hands, making judgements about what is right or wrong about other people's families.

Looking after your family includes looking after you.  And that means psychologically, emotionally and physically. 

No one can tell you your business. And not all advice will be right for your family.  So here's my five cents - listen to everyone’s different advice and “words of wisdom” but do what is right for your family.  And when you need to take a short-cut, or many short-cuts, just make it the best that you can.  There is nothing wrong in finding help where you can and making life run a bit smoother.  Convenience is not a dirty word.  

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Work and productivity are two things very close to my heart.  As a working mum, and someone who values having my career, being able to maintain my responsibilities to my work and family lives is important to me.  I therefore take any help I can get! 

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

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