If there was an easy, “one size fits all” answer to baby sleep, you would have read the book by now. But clearly there isn’t. And you know why – we are all different, babies are different. 

"I believe that all any parent can do is set up the best possible circumstances for a healthy and safe sleep environment.  Every parents wants a happy, healthy, well fed, well rested baby. Because, if they’re happy, we’re happy.  More often than not you hit some hurdles and that's when you need to get some support and guidance." Milena


We have a Baby Essentials Blog for parents and parents to be, so that you can easily find information and help on baby sleep plus a lot of other information. We generally cover three key sleep subject areas:  Safe Sleep, Better Sleep and Considered Choices; because we believe that this is where every parent will make the biggest impact on their baby’s sleeping. 


1: Find help AT the Baby ESSENTIALS BLOG

We have aggregated a range of information on topics directly and indirectly related to baby sleep.  We will keep adding as we find new things.


2:  Baby Sleep Shop

The Sleep Shop offers a selection of curated sleep and related products. We think that making considered choices in the nursery makes a difference. We also review products in the Blog that link to other shops. If you find something that you think we should add, please let us know.