Baby Berrry May 2017 Cushioned playmats for tummy time (plus free Kippins comforter!)


Vogue's The UltimateThe Ultimate Baby Registry Master List - October 2016 

This mattress ticks all of the boxes—organic, non-toxic, sustainable, breathable, and made from hypoallergenic materials. It also grows with your baby: One side is made primarily from coconut coir, making it firmer, which is ideal for infants, while the flip side is made from softer natural latex which is better for growing toddlers. Finally, the washable mattress cover comes in 12 cool colors, is water and stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable—and best of all, doesn’t need to be covered with a sheet. 

Babyology - June 2016

Sleepy-time essentials for sweet baby slumber

There’s so much more to creating the perfect sleep sanctuary for your baby than a cot and block-out blinds. It’s about building a cosy environment, engaging daytime play and a great routine – because a happy, sleeping baby means better sleep for the whole family. We’ve hand-picked four brilliant products that can help your baby head happily to the land of nod.


Baby Berry - May 2016

Tummy time & play time with your little one

"Play is the chief vehicle for the development of imagination and intelligence, language, social skills and perceptual-motors abilities in infants and young children' - Frost (1992). So my question to you today is, do you have a little one who is currently at that age where they just love to have 'mat' time and play and explore?? Well across at The Nursery Bird, they have a terrific play package that your little one will just love! We're talking about a play package that is excellent quality and will last. 


The Package include 1 x Playmat and 1 x Playgym. You can choose the colour and toys you prefer.


Babyology - May 2016

Nook Toddler Pillow – supporting growing heads and necks

The Nook Toddler Pillow is the perfect pillow for any little first timer who is transitioning from a cot to bed. With a cover made from breathable organic cotton and an eco-friendly eucalyptus fill, your tot will have a safe space to lay his head and drift off into a comfortable  sleep.

Babyology - February 2016

How to set up a natural nursery that’s good for baby and the planet

The Niche feeding pillow’s squared design has extra surface space for extended use while lightweight organic Kapok tree shavings provide comfortable support and breathability. Not just for feeding support, the Niche pillow can be used as a prop seat for baby and side sleeper pillow for mum. With a cover made from materials including eucalyptus and organic cotton, it’s the eco choice.


Baby Berry - November 2015

The importance of a cot mattress

Today we focus on a serious subject matter - the importance of ensuring you have the correct cot mattress for your baby.  Our friends across at  certainly know a thing or two about this topic and so today we're pleased to have Milena speak with us about what to look for.  Read more here.



Babyology - September 2015

12 incredibly useful products for breast and bottle feeding mums

The Niche feeding pillow from Nook Sleep Systems is just as useful for bottle feeding mamas as it is for breast feeding ones. It wraps securely around your waist and puts baby just at the right height for feeding, whichever way you choose to do it

baby berry

Across at The Nursery Bird you can find a terrific nursing pillow called the ‘Niche Feeding Pillow’ by Nook Sleep Systems. Finally you can feed your baby in comfort…the amazing Nook ‘Niche’ Feeding Pillow has arrived in Australia – be ready to be impressed!

Niche Feeding Pillow
Niche Feeding Pillow


Mouths of Mums - May 2015

The Nursery Bird in the media covering what to pack in your hospital bag.


 Mini Magazine - December 2014 issue

Nook mom Kendra Wilkinson is on the cover of Mini Magazine and showing off her stylish nursery designed by NessaLee Baby!

Kendra's nursery features a Pebble Pure in Daffodil in a custom Spot On Square crib.

See more of Kendra's nursery here:


Babyology - December 2014:  Babyology

The Nook Pebble Lounger – stylish comfort for the kids

If the kids’ beanbags have seen better days and you’re looking for something a little more stylish for them to lounge around on, we’ve found the perfect solution!

We adore Nook products, and have previously featured the Sleep Systems range, which is now available in Australia, and the gorgeous LilyPad playmat. Here is the latest offering from this rocking brand – the Nook Pebble Lounger.

Babyology - November 2014 

Babyology Christmas Gift Guide 2014

For a play mat that doesn’t dominate the living area or for an easy to transport play spot with a funky modern edge, we adore the pebbled look Nook LilyPad Playmat. Perfect for tummy time or a play in the park, the luxe LilyPad Playmat is made with a breathable organic cotton and Eucalyptus cover and uses recycled PETE for its core, giving babies a soft, sensory surface on which to play. Generously sized at a metre round, the LilyPad Playmat is available in three colours – lawn, poppy and misty, they’re available from The Nursery Bird for $185.

Mouth of Mums - November 2014

Returning to work after maternity leave

American Baby Magazine - September 2014

Niche Feeding Pillow

American Baby Magazine - September 2014: Niche Feeding Pillow

Mouth of Mums - September 2014

Being present with your child


Mums Grapevine September 2014

Sleep like a rock, on a Nook Pebble mattress

Practical Parenting August 2014

Dream Nurseries

Practical Parenting The Nursery Bird

Melbourne's Child June 2014

Sleep like a baby mention

Melbourne's Child

tini trader May 2014

Who’s found a special nook in Beyonce’s nursery?

One look at the Nook Pebble Pure mattress and you know this is something special. Coconut coir, a fibre extracted from coconut husk, is bathed in latex to maintain shape and durability and acts as a natural guard against microbes and other nasties. It is then used alongside 1 inch of natural talalay latex to create a dual-sided , breathable mattress for infants and toddlers.

The Nook Sleep Systems range comes to Australia

We’ve featured Nook several times because the range is simply stunning, both aesthetically and practically. Nook Sleep Systems have some of the most innovative baby and children’s products on the market.

The importance of buying organic for your baby.  

Crib mattresses emit chemicals, study finds

Fit Pregnancy Magazine - April/May 2014

The Nook Pebble Pure

Fit Pregnancy Magazine - April/May 2014: The Nook Pebble Pure

Celebrity Nursery Trends

Sisters Kourtney & Kim Kardashian have Nook's Pebble Pure Mattress in the nursery.

North, on the other hand, sleeps in Nurseryworks’ clear acrylic Vetro crib, which is touted by many as a piece of art. Both girls also have a Nook Pebble Mattress, but what else do they have in common? The crib placement! The cousins’ cribs are both positioned off the walls. Penelope’s is in the center of the room and North’s is setback in front of a mirror. 

Beyonce's Crib with the Nook Pebble Organic in Blossom