Why Nook?

Nook is relentless in making products healthier, safer and smarter.


Research shows that a sleep environment rich in oxygen is critical for cognitive and physical development in infants. It also helps them sleep longer and deeper. Nook employs nature’s highest-performing materials, a carefully controlled fabric weave, and innovative structural designs to foster environments optimized for breathability.


Comfortable children experience longer, more restful nights of sleep. At Nook, comfort is about more than just soft organic cotton sheets and a mattress surface that mimics shapes in nature. We spare no expense in sourcing the gentlest, most breathable materials to promote consistent breathing patterns and steady temperature. 


Great design doesn't stop at function. Every Nook product, from the Pebble Mattress to the Toddler Pillow, is brightly coloured with nature-inspired asymmetrical patterns proven to benefit cognitive development. Parents don't have to compromise style over a healthy and safe crib.


Nook designs with the whole family in mind. For parents, we use water-resistant and stain-resistant natural fibre's that cause liquids to bead on the surface, eliminating the need for mattress pads and making for a quick and easy wipe up. For children, we use a patent pending process to infuse anti-microbial zinc onto fibre's, leaving no place for bacteria, fungus, mould or odours to grow. 


Infants spend the first three-quarters of their lives sleeping. During this growth period they develop critical cognitive and physical abilities. To facilitate this development, Nook relentlessly considers the impact of every material and manufacturing decision in all of our products. Every piece must deliver the utmost in breathability, non-toxicity, comfort and convenience. 


Most standard mattresses off-gas. Nook uses only non-toxic materials that contribute to both a pure, safe sleep environment and a healthy, responsible production environment. Extensive research and testing has led us to natural fire retardants and microbe-resistant fibre's to help protect and comfort infants without compromising health benefits.

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